[pgpool-general: 1524] Re: SOLVED - Failover problem when slave is de-attached

Stelios Limnaios stelios.limnaios at mekon.com
Mon Mar 25 16:33:53 JST 2013


Installing the latest version fixes the problem.
Thank you.


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Can you please try the latest V3.2_STABLE snapshot?

I suspect this:
is related to your problem.
Tatsuo Ishii
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> Hi all,
> I'm kindly asking for your expertise on a problem we have with PGPool and failover.
> Our setup contains two database servers, one running as primary and one as slave.
> We installed automatic failover and it seems to be working very well when the primary node goes down.
> The standby server is promoted to primary and our java application continues working with no problems.
> The problem that we have occurs when a slave node goes down.
> PGPool starts being busy and PGPoolAdmin does not open any pages but it keeps waiting server responses for long (until timeout).
> When I try to stop pgpool from the command line on the server, it just won't do it, but it keeps stopping it forever.
> If I start again the failed slave, I can see in postgres logs that it connects to the primary node for replication, but I'm not able to open the PGPoolAdmin status page to click the Return button.
> PGPool seems to be waiting for something, but I'm not able to understand what is it.
> We use pgpool2-V3_2_STABLE, checked out from the repository (4-Oct-2012).
> In pgpool.conf we have set
> fail_over_on_backend_error:    /usr/local/etc/failover.sh %d "%h" %p %D %m %M "%H" %P
> and in failover.sh:
> if [ $failed_node_id = $old_primary_node_id ];then      # master failed
>     touch $trigger   # let standby take over
>     echo "Primary database "$failed_host_name" failed, please check 
> the status of your replication system. Trigger used: "$trigger | mail -s "Ditaweb primary database failed" $admin_email else
>     echo "Slave database "$failed_host_name" failed, please check the 
> status of your replication system." | mail -s "Ditaweb slave database 
> failed" $admin_email fi
> The above script works fine as the 'slave failed' email is sent, and in the case when the primary node goes down failover is executed successfully.
> I've also attached pgpool.conf in case you need it.
> So, I guess the question is what makes PGPool having this behavior?
> Is it something that we need to setup in pgpool.conf, some kind of timeout?
> Thank you in advance for you time,
> Regards,
> Stelios Limnaios

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