[pgpool-general: 1510] black_function_list & function

i.marchionni i.marchionni at tiuke.it
Mon Mar 18 20:06:29 JST 2013

I hav a problem with function that modify database... 
My config is Pgpool 3.1.3 in master/slave configuration  whit streaming replication. I try configure "black_function_list" black_function_list = 
 and if I correctly understand doc all function in black_list must be routed do master. But in slave postgres logfile i found 
26696 2013-03-18 11:39:23 CET ERROR:  cannot execute DELETE in a read-only transaction26696 2013-03-18 11:39:23 CET CONTEXT:  SQL statement "DELETE FROM geoportale.sde.sde_table_locks WHERE sde_id = i_sde_id                           AND registration_id = i_registration_id"        PL/pgSQL function "sde_table_lock_def_delete" line 6 at SQL statement        SQL statement "SELECT                 geoportale.sde.SDE_table_lock_def_delete(i_sde_id, i_registration_id)"        PL/pgSQL function "sde_table_lock_def_insert" line 9 at SQL statement
what's goes wrong?? 
Thank's for help 
Best Regard'sItalo
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