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Pgpool log say everything ok, that's seems weird because md5 crypt is wrong so i cant' understand why it's working in this case. I feel a huge mistake from myself but i can't see where .

Pgpool connection vs pg server is ok (everything work well with pg client).

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What says pgpool log file?


Would you try to connect to pg server from pgpool machine, but only from pgpool machine for testing is the pg service could accept connections from this machine??



I'm looking for some help with MD5 authentification in pgpool.

1st :

pgpool-II version 3.2.2 (namameboshi)
PG 9.2.3

* On PG server : I create a toto role with encrypted password, and add this line in pg_hba.conf :
host mydb toto my_pgpool_ip/32 md5

Restarting PG.

* On pgpool server :

pgpool.conf :

enable_pool_hba = on 
pool_passwd = 'pool_passwd'

Create toto md5 password in pool_passwd :


Checking same thing in PG in pg_authid :

| toto | md5cb926329843e9a8f3eb15e0a2a5c9851 |

pool_hba.conf :

add this line : local mydb toto md5

2nd :

Starting pgpool.

Using perl script dbi.pl http://dbi.pl&lang=en  to test on pgpool server :

use DBI;
$DB_name = 'mydb';
$DB_user = 'toto';
$DB_pwd = 'mypassword';
$dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:Pg:dbname=$DB_name","$DB_user","$DB_pwd");
if ( !defined $dbh ) { die "Cannot connect to database!\n"; }
$sth = $dbh->prepare("SELECT * FROM pg_user");
while ( ($id,$name) = $sth->fetchrow_array() ) { print "$id\t\t $name \n";

1st launch : working

2nd launch : changing md5 to reject in pool_hba.conf (restarting pgpool) : DBI connect('dbname=mydb','toto',...) failed: ERROR: no pool_hba.conf entry for host "[local]", user "toto", database "mydb" at dbi.pl http://dbi.pl&lang=en  line 5

3rd launch : back to md5 in pool_hba.conf and changing toto by tito in pool_passwd (restarting pgpool) : DBI connect('dbname=mydb','toto',...) failed: ERROR: "MD5" authentication with pgpool failed for user "toto" at dbi.pl http://dbi.pl&lang=en  line 5

4th launch : back to toto vs tito in pool_passwd and deleted everything after md5 (now pool_passwd is like this 'toto:md5') + restarting pgpool : working.

I miss something i'm sure :) but why it's working in 4th try ? It's seems only PG server do it's authentification job's.
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