[pgpool-general: 1466] pgpool-II 3.2.3 - Is it the expected behavior

David TECHER davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Thu Mar 7 20:52:24 JST 2013


I am PostgreSQL DBA and I am currently testing pgpool-II 3.2.3 with streaming replication ( 1 master and 1 slave)

I opened a ticket to our PostgreSQL provider. Our PostgreSQL provider (EnterpriseDB) told us that 

The issue which we have found
in this build is when load_balance mode is on and slave is down, pgpool stops
giving connection to the master as well.
Work is currently on for
fixing the above issue and also merging the fixes in the newer releases like
3.2.2. and 3.2.3.

Our provider sent me the pgpool binaries for 3.2.0 version. Since I wanted to be sure that there is the same issue with 3.2.3 version. 

So I built pgpool 3.2.3 against PostgreSQL Plus Advanced Server 9.1.

At work using a dedicated VM for the test, I did a few tests. Indeed when the slave is down pgpool is not able to connect to the master.

Is it the expected behavior even if for PostgreSQL 9.1 (Open Source Version)?

Thanks for letting me know.

Attached is my  pgpool.conf file.

Jean David TECHER
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