[pgpool-general: 1456] Re: Fwd: Pgpool 3.2.2 issue on AIX

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Tue Mar 5 07:52:23 JST 2013

> Hi Tatsuo, as promised I've tested pgpool 3.2.3 on AIX 5.2
> it behaves in a really strange way, at the beginning when I was starting
> pgpool it was seeming to be working pretty fine,
> after some stop and start it became to behave really strangely.
> it seems to mess with some cached status does exists some cache_status
> file? i removed backend files .s.PGSQL.9898 % .s.PGSQL.9999 butit doesn't
> change anything.

I don't think so. The cached status file is located at
/tmp/pgpool_status in your case. From the log, it says:

2013-03-04 17:44:18 ERROR: pid 72000: Could not read backend status file as /tmp/pgpool_status. reason: No such file or directory

So pgpool did not read cached status and this is normal.  (BTW, if you
want to be sure to ignore the status file, you could start pgpool with
-D option).

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