[pgpool-general: 1942] pgpool 3.2.4: Watchdog doesn't start if not all "other" nodes are alive

Sam Wouters sam at ericom.be
Fri Jul 26 17:49:18 JST 2013


It took me a while to found out what was wrong and I didn't find any 
related issues on the web, so I thought I should share;
I'm setting up a three node pgpool cluster (pgpool running on every 
database server) and noticed that the watchdog process was stuck after 
wd_init. As a result, failover of the pgpool didn't work.

The issue was I was setting up the cluster and didn't setup the third 
one yet, but already included it in the pgpool.conf. Apparently the 
lifecheck cyclus won't start if at startup time one of the nodes is not 
Don't know if this is intended behaviour or changed in newer versions, 
but I would think that it would be better to assume nodes are down at 
startup, initiate some learning cycles and set there correct status 
after that.



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