[pgpool-general: 1932] PCP client authentication question

Sam Wouters sam at ericom.be
Wed Jul 24 23:22:37 JST 2013


I'm setting up a pgpool-2 cluster with auto failover, failback and 
follow master commands and such.
All is working fine, but I have a question about the pcp authentication.

User and password hash are defined in pcp.conf, which is good.
However, when using a "follow_master_command", I want to script a 
pcp_recovery_node command, which makes me put that user and password in 
clear text in a script or in some kind of settings file which I then 
have to source from that script.

Is there some way of granting access to a "local only" user of passing 
the password encrypted to the pcp_* commands?


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