[pgpool-general: 1914] pcp_recovery_node fails BackendError

Justin Patterson jrp22 at psu.edu
Tue Jul 23 05:16:36 JST 2013

When trying to issue pcp_recovery_node it is failing,  I ran it below 
with the debug flag for more info.  What can I do to debug this further? 
Nothing is being spit out to the pgpool.log file when issuing 
pcp_recovery_node as well.  What does backend error mean?

$ pcp_recovery_node -d 180 myhost 9898 user password 2
DEBUG: send: tos="R", len=46
DEBUG: recv: tos="r", len=21, data=AuthenticationOK
DEBUG: send: tos="D", len=6
DEBUG: recv: tos="e", len=20, data=recovery failed
DEBUG: command failed. reason=recovery failed
DEBUG: send: tos="X", len=4
[postgres at dbh1qa pgpool-II]$ echo $?


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