[pgpool-general: 1906] Re: Parallel insert/update

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Fri Jul 19 07:59:29 JST 2013

> Hello all, 
> We're trying to check if pg-pool is the right choice for us in case of two or more nodes with master/master connection. Let's assume that two SQL servers are running both serving full sql access for local services. If serverA receives update/insert/delete it sends the same information to serverB and vice versa. Is it possible to cover this need with pg-pool/pg-ha ? Generaly speaking I need at least 2 servers both active with parallel access and replication from A to B and other way round. Any suggestions how to achieve this with pg-pool/ha? 

pgpool-II+pgpool-HA is not a right choice for you because it's an
active/standby type cluster:one of pgpool-II is a standby and does not
accept queries. What you are looking for is "multi-master"
configuration: all pgpool-II are active and accept queries. For this
purpose we recommend to use pgpool-II + watchdog. "Watchdog" is
built-in in pgpool-II 3.2 or later versions. It basically has same
functionality as pgpool-HA (detecting pgpool-II down), but also allow
all pgpool-II be active.

BTW, we are going to release pgpool-II 3.3 which has many enhancements
with watchdog by the end of July. You can test the beta version:

Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
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