[pgpool-general: 1885] Re: insert_lock hangs

Karsten Düsterloh pgpool-general-ml at tal.de
Wed Jul 10 17:08:59 JST 2013

Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
> Thanks for the report. I found a nasty bug with pgpool-II. Please try
> attached patches.
> When insert lock is enabled and pgpool_catalog.insert_lock exists,
> pgpool-II looks for the row which matches the oid of the target
> table. If non, pgpool-II will insert the row to obtain a row lock.
> The bug was in the process looking for the row. If extended protocol
> is used like your perl script, pgpool-II was waiting for the row data
> forever which will never come because there's no such a row in the
> table. Attached patch considers the case.

Yes, with that patch, our pgpool clients (like OTRS) are happy again.


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