[pgpool-general: 1344] Parallel mode and Java

Aaron Leonard aaron.leonard at lymba.com
Sat Jan 26 06:14:50 JST 2013


We are trying to get parallel mode working with pgpool 3.2.1 and a Java 

When using the psql shell, we are seeing that INSERT distributes data 
among the backend servers as expected, and SELECT combines the data from 
the backend servers as expected.

However, when we try using a Java program to perform the same task, it 
seems that the data is replicated among all backend servers instead of 
being distributed.  There doesn't seem to be any message in the pgpool 
logs about this, it just seems like parallel mode has been turned off.

I notice that it says at 

 >Extended Query Protocol (for parallel mode)
 >The extended query protocol used by JDBC drivers, etc. is not 
supported. The simple query protocol must be used. This means you can't 
use prepared statements.

Is this why we are seeing this behavior?  Is there a possible 
work-around to be able to use parallel mode in Java?  Any advice would 
be appreciated.


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