[pgpool-general: 1341] failover command

ning chan ninchan8328 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 04:20:34 JST 2013

In the pgpool.conf, there is a failover command that the listed command can
be called when a server failover.

I have confusion about the parameters:

 # Executes this command at failover
                                   # Special values:
                                   #   %d = node id
                                   #   %h = host name
                                   #   %p = port number
                                   #   %D = database cluster path
                                   #   %m = new master node id
                                   #   %H = hostname of the new master node
                                   #   %M = old master node id
                                   #   %P = old primary node id
                                   #   %r = new master port number
                                   #   %R = new master database cluster path

What is the difference between old primary node id and old master node id?

Basically, what is the different between primary and master?
Are they defined from postgresql perspective or from pgpool perspective?

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