[pgpool-general: 1338] pgpool - attach node - double number of connection

Witold Duranek witold.duranek at esky.pl
Wed Jan 23 21:48:14 JST 2013



I'm using pgpool:

pgpool-II version 3.1.1 (hatsuiboshi)


in mode:


master_slave_mode = on

master_slave_sub_mode = 'stream'


when i detach slave node from pgpool and attach it again the numer of
connection to postgresql on master doubles. Half of them is set earlier and
not use any more. 


tcp        0      0
ESTABLISHED 26720/pgpool: wait

tcp        0      0
ESTABLISHED 26720/pgpool: wait


in log I have got


Do not restart children because we are failbacking node id 0


num_init_children = 25

max_pool = 1

child_life_time = 300

child_max_connections = 0

connection_life_time = 0

client_idle_limit = 0


when i change child_max_connections to 200, after 200 connection the new
child occupy only one connection.


Is it normal situation ? 


Best regards 




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