[pgpool-general: 1312] Database connections seemingly hanging

Fredrik.HuitfeldtMadsen at schneider-electric.com Fredrik.HuitfeldtMadsen at schneider-electric.com
Wed Jan 9 19:21:02 JST 2013

Hi All,

We have a setup where 2 JBoss (5.1) servers communicate with 1 instance of 
PgPool (3.04), which again communicates with 2 Postgresql (8.4) servers. 
The JBoss servers host some Java code for us and as part of that they run 
some quartz jobs. 

These jobs are triggered right after startup and as part of that we get 
what seems to get stuck. At least when we can see in the database that 
when inspecting pg_locks, there exists a virtual transaction that has all 
desired locks granted but seems to be stuck. When we inspect 
pg_stat_activity, it seems that the process is still waiting for the query 
(SELECT ... FOR UPDATE) to finish.

The locking transaction is described here: http://pastebin.com/3pEn6vPe

We know that the quartz thread is attempting to obtain a row share lock. 
We know that we have enough connections available in postgres and in 
pgpool. We also know that the issue occurs much more frequently when we 
enable postgres statememt logging. We assume that this is due to postgres 
becomming slower as a result of the additionsl logging. When we look at 
the server thread dump, we can see that all quartz threads are either 
sleeping or waiting for postgres.

A thread dump of the relevant quartz threads is described here: 

It is important to note that the issue does not only occur with quartz 
jobs, but it is where we see it most frequently. This is likely to be due 
to the fact that it is the place where we have the highest level of 

We suspect that a connection to the database acquires its locks but 
somehow does not return to the application. If this is true, it would 
either be a postgresql or a pgpool problem. We would appreciate any help 
in further debugging or resolving the situation. 

Kind regards,
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