[pgpool-general: 1439] removing nodes from pgpool without restarting

Michael Betts mbetts at softdevgroup.com
Thu Feb 28 00:31:57 JST 2013


I have set up pgpool 3.2.3 in master/slave mode with streaming replication and it works fine.  Now I want to use autoscaling to add and remove nodes as demand fluctuates. Scaling up works with no problems, but when I scale down, I want to remove the extra nodes from pgpool wiithout restarting.  What happens now is I call pcp_detach_node(), which changes the status from 2 to 3 for that node, but leaves it in the pool.  I also remove the backend from the config file and reload it, but that has no effect unless you restart pgpool.

1. Is there a way to just remove a node from pgpool?
2. If not, is it a problem to leave a number of nodes with status 3 in the pool?  The nodes themselves will have been terminated.
3. I see that when I detach a standby node, it calls the failover command - why?



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