[pgpool-general: 1414] Hosting several pgpool-II on the same server

David TECHER davidtecher at yahoo.fr
Wed Feb 20 19:56:31 JST 2013


I am a PostgreSQL DBA and am working on pgpool-II 3.2.1/3.2.2 since a few weeks.

At work we decided to integrate pgpool-II 3.2 to our PostgreSQL system. We are using PostgreSQL 9.1 with streaming replication (3 slaves with "Asynchronous" replication mode).

On production there is only 1 replication system (streaming replication: 1 master + 3 slaves)

For our customers we plan to duplicate this system (the same replication system: 1 master and N slaves). It implies to have 

My question are

-  Is it doable to host all pgpool-II services on the same server (one different port per PostgreSQL cluster)? (1 pgpool service for each replication system)

- If we go this way (hosting all pgpool-II on the same server) then is there any tuning to do or any recommendation/suggestion (RAM, CPUs....)?

Thanks for your cooperation.

Jean David TECHER.
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