[pgpool-general: 1381] Handle Multiple PostgreSQL Servers via one pgpool or not...

Xang Wang xangr at live.com
Sun Feb 10 06:19:12 JST 2013


I am going to install pgpool on several machines. My main machine has PostgreSQL 9.2 and also PgPool 3.2.2.

These servers are email servers and different datas are stored in these servers. But one thing is same. Tables and database schemas. Only datas/rows are different.

So, the question is, can i connect those servers (different IPs) with my main pgpool machine? If yes, which settings should i look. Or pgpool can only be connect to local postgresql?

Basically, Should i install pgpool on every server and connect them via 9999 port or should i make one pgpool server and connect multiple sql servers via one pgpool instance? 

Which one is correct? Which path should i follow?


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