[pgpool-general: 1378] Pgpool and Virtual Machines

juan catalan el.seba.soy.sho at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 06:27:06 JST 2013


Its my first time trying to install in a production pgpool. Ive been
reading about, but im still have some question abount the setup:

- I have a machine with a 8GB ram and AMD FX4x proc. that this machines is
running a high load script that does some querys to a psql. Nowdays the
numbers of conections has rised to about 40~60 connections, so i decide to
use pgpool to improve that performance and been have to support more
connections. Thats why i got another machine with a 8Gb Ram and a AMD Fx 6X
proc. So my questions are:

¿Its possible to have 2 vm into each machine (total of 4 vms): 2 for pgpool
with high availability performance and 2 for a stream with master-slave
postgresql configuration or better have only the 2 pgpool vm machines and
postgres installed into the physical machines?

Also ¿If i have 2 postgresql instances means that i can reach almost 200
max connection limit? I know that i have to test and set up properly the
max_pool and num_init_children but im still cant figure out how to do it

Thanks in advance.
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