[pgpool-general: 2347] Problems with recovered master node.

Mario Adrián López Alemán mario.lopez at gazzang.com
Thu Dec 19 08:04:41 JST 2013

Hi everyone.

I'm having an issue with pgpool.
First of all my configuration:
1 Server with pgpool-II version 3.3.2 (tokakiboshi)
3 Servers with:

All 4 servers are RHEL 6 machines. (Amazon AMI's actually)

Pgpool is configured to have Master/Slave Nodes with replication
and Load Balancing.


load_balance_mode = on
                                   # Activate load balancing mode
                                   # (change requires restart)
ignore_leading_white_space = on
                                   # Ignore leading white spaces of each
white_function_list = ''
                                   # Comma separated list of function names
                                   # that don't write to database
                                   # Regexp are accepted
black_function_list = 'nextval,setval'
                                   # Comma separated list of function names
                                   # that write to database
                                   # Regexp are accepted


master_slave_mode = on
                                   # Activate master/slave mode
                                   # (change requires restart)
master_slave_sub_mode = 'stream'
                                   # Master/slave sub mode
                                   # Valid values are combinations slony or
                                   # stream. Default is slony.
                                   # (change requires restart)

# - Streaming -

sr_check_period = 1
                                   # Streaming replication check period
                                   # Disabled (0) by default
sr_check_user = 'postgres'
                                   # Streaming replication check user
                                   # This is necessary even if you disable
                                   # streaming replication delay check with
                                   # sr_check_period = 0
sr_check_password = ''
                                   # Password for streaming replication
check user
delay_threshold = 1
                                   # Threshold before not dispatching
query to standby node
                                   # Unit is in bytes
                                   # Disabled (0) by default

# - Special commands -

follow_master_command = '/bin/follow_master.sh %d %h %D %m %H %R'
                                   # Executes this command after master
                                   # Special values:
                                   #   %d = node id
                                   #   %h = host name
                                   #   %p = port number
                                   #   %D = database cluster path
                                   #   %m = new master node id
                                   #   %H = hostname of the new master node
                                   #   %M = old master node id
                                   #   %P = old primary node id
                                   #   %r = new master port number
                                   #   %R = new master database cluster path
                                   #   %% = '%' character

#All three nodes are configured like this
backend_hostnamen = 'ip_node_n'
backend_portn = 5432
backend_weightn = 0
backend_data_directoryn = '/var/lib/pgsql/9.3/data/'
backend_flagn = 'ALLOW_TO_FAILOVER'

I'm using repmgr to handle the replication in the nodes.

My problem occurs when I kill the master node, everything works as
expected and a slave takes it's place.
My application continues working with no major issues until I decide to
recover the dead master node.

After that pgool starts sending this message:
2013-12-18 17:19:07 LOG:   pid 30801: do_child: exits with status 1 due
to error
2013-12-18 17:19:10 LOG:   pid 30802: pool_send_and_wait: Error or
notice message from backend: : DB node id: 0 backend pid: 27585
statement: ROLLBACK message: there is no transaction in progress
2013-12-18 17:19:10 ERROR: pid 30802: read_kind_from_backend: 1 th kind
C does not match with master or majority connection kind N
2013-12-18 17:19:10 ERROR: pid 30802: kind mismatch among backends.
Possible last query was: "ROLLBACK" kind details are: 0[N: there is no
transaction in progress] 1[C]

And I identified that the problem is that pgpool is sending a rollback
to the old master node [node 0] (Something illegal as far as I know) and
then all the transaction is cancelled and my application fails.
If I promote the old master again, then the application works with no

Anyone has an idea why is this ocurring?



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