[pgpool-general: 2090] pgpool-ha postgresql 9.2 repository - is there rpm available?

Mistina Michal Michal.Mistina at virte.sk
Fri Aug 30 03:56:56 JST 2013

Dear community.

I would like to install pgpoolha (pgpool resource agent) from PostgresSQL
repo by using yum.

I've found the package should be in the PostgreSQL repository:



If I followed procedure to install PostgreSQL 9.2 yum repository for the
RedHat 6.3 from the repository list
http://yum.postgresql.org/repopackages.php the pgpool-ha wasn't found after
I issued yum install pgpool-ha.

Has it another name? Was it removed from PostgreSQL repository? Why it is
listed in the package list which should be available in PostgreSQL
repository? How can I build rpm from sources distributed by git repository
git://git.postgresql.org/git/pgpoolha.git ?



Michal Mistina


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