[pgpool-general: 2083] Re: Suggestion about two datacenters connected through WAN

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Thu Aug 29 07:29:21 JST 2013

> Hi Tatsuo.
>> One thing you might want to use for this is, "trusted_servers". Usually
> you register router IPs you trust (pgpool should be able to reach the
> router) for this. In the split brain case, if pgpool in TC1 or TC2 finds
> that it cannot reach the IP anymore, it sucides to avoid going the split
> brain.
> I will definetely try trusted_servers option.
> It's working now. I tested easy fail-over to the secondary technical center
> (TC2). However I have found out I need to set health_check_period. If I
> leave it disabled (0) the pgpool does not know the PostgreSQL master is
> down. Is this correct behaviour? I couldn't find it in the manual pages. I
> thought only sr_check_period should be enabled for successful failure
> detection.

It's documented in the doc.

    This parameter specifies the interval between the health checks in
    seconds. Default is 0, which means health check is disabled.

> I'm using pgpool-II 3.3.0.
> Best regards,
> Michal Mistina

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