[pgpool-general: 2081] node degeneration while vacuuming

Sean Hogan sean at compusult.net
Wed Aug 28 20:56:32 JST 2013


Using pgadmin3 I ran a VACUUM ANALYZE on my three-node cluster, and got 

2013-08-28 08:41:12 ERROR: pid 21493: kind mismatch among backends. 
Possible last query was: "VACUUM VERBOSE ANALYZE " kind details are: 
0[N: "ws_dataset_filters": scanned 0 of 0 pages, containing 0 live rows 
and 0 dead rows; 0 rows in sample, 0 estimated total rows] 1[C] 2[C]
2013-08-28 08:41:12 LOG:   pid 21493: degenerate_backend_set: 0 fail 
over request from pid 21493

This doesn't seem to be repeatable.  Can you tell me why that response 
would cause a degeneration?

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