[pgpool-general: 2029] Suggestion about two datacenters connected through WAN

Mistina Michal Michal.Mistina at virte.sk
Wed Aug 14 22:26:27 JST 2013


I was considering using pgpool in our environment, but I don't know if it is
the best idea. I would appreciate some suggestions, pros, cons of the
solution using pgpool. Or is there another way how to do it?


We have 2 technical centers TC1 and TC2. In each runs postgres server.
Technical centers are connected with WAN link. 

Clients are connecting through postgres JDBC driver to the TC1. If TC1 goes
down JDBC driver will connect to TC2 automatically. Each technical center
has the IP address from other subnet.

We need to have replicated data from postgres in TC1 to postgres in TC2.


-          TC1 can act as read-write server

-          TC2 can act as read server

-          after TC1 goes down TC2 should became read-write -> this
FAIL-OVER should be automatic

-          FAIL-BACK procedure doesn't have to be automatic. we can do it


I know the fine way with manual fail-over can be postgres streaming
replication from TC1 to TC2. However I expect the pgpool can add more
control over automatic fail-over and better control for manual fail-back.


My questions.

Is the aforementioned scenario possible to build using pgpool?

Can pgpool fail-over to the IP address from different subnet? I mean not
providing virtual IP address but making TC2 as R/W.

If it is possible I will have more questions while building it :)



Best regards,

Michal Mistina


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