[pgpool-general: 1996] Re: Problem with watchdog...

Jeff Frost jeff at pgexperts.com
Tue Aug 6 01:39:17 JST 2013

On 08/05/13 07:51, Fernando Buzon wrote:
> 2013/8/2 Jeff Frost <jeff at pgexperts.com <mailto:jeff at pgexperts.com>>
>     So are you indicating that your test is:
>     killall -9 pgpool 
>     on the primary pgpool server?
>     I think I may have lost track of the sequence of events.  Maybe you
>     could lay it out as a simple test case for us?
> What should I do? 

You should post a step-by-step method for reproducing your issue with
appropriate log output after each step is completed.

That will make it more obvious what's going on.


pgpool.conf files from both nodes
successful psql connecting to the delegate IP
log lines indicating pgpool is up and running fine (on both hosts)
ip addr or ifconfig output indicating which host has the delegate ip

kill -9
log output (on both hosts)
ip addr or ifconfig output

so it's obvious how to reproduce your issue (or tell you how to avoid it).
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