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Бородин Владимир root at simply.name
Thu Apr 11 23:07:25 JST 2013

Thanks for reply. Here [1] I found such information:

"Failover can be performed in raw mode if multiple servers are defined. pgpool-II usually accesses the backend specified by backend_hostname0 during normal operation. If the backend_hostname0 fails for some reason, pgpool-II tries to access the backend specified by backend_hostname1. If that fails, pgpool-II tries the backend_hostname2, 3 and so on."

And I want to see the described above behavior. Could you give an example of what should I write to failover_command in that case?

[1] http://pgpool.projects.pgfoundry.org/pgpool-II/doc/pgpool-en.html

11.04.2013, в 17:51, Tatsuo Ishii <ishii at postgresql.org> написал(а):

> You need to set failover_command. Yours is empty, so nothing will
> happen.
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>> ping. Can anybody help?
>> 09.04.2013, в 15:24, Бородин Владимир <root at simply.name> написал(а):
>>> Hi all.
>>> I've read much information about failover in raw mode but I haven't found the solution yet.
>>> I have 3 PostgreSQL nodes running in streaming replication mode - loadtest01g.domain.com (master), loadtest02g.domain.com andloadtest04g.domain.com (two replicas in hot_standby mode). All of them are listening All of them have the line below in pg_hba.conf (that is a disgusting idea but these hosts are for testing):
>>> host    all             all                  trust
>>> I  can connect to any of them with psql and issue select queries.
>>> On loadtest01g I have installed pgpool-II-3.2 and taken the sample config with some modifications (backend addresses, debug_level and timeouts). Config - http://simply.name/tmp/pgpool.conf and log - http://simply.name/tmp/pgpool.log.
>>> I get the following problem: 
>>> pgpool does not failover to backend1 (loadtest02g) if backend0 (loadtest01g) fails down. According to log it catches the primary failure but doesn't send queries to one of the replicas.
>>> The question is what do I do wrong?
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>>> Vladimir
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