[pgpool-general: 1584] Failover in raw mode

Бородин Владимир root at simply.name
Tue Apr 9 20:24:04 JST 2013

Hi all.

I've read much information about failover in raw mode but I haven't found the solution yet.

I have 3 PostgreSQL nodes running in streaming replication mode - loadtest01g.domain.com (master), loadtest02g.domain.com andloadtest04g.domain.com (two replicas in hot_standby mode). All of them are listening All of them have the line below in pg_hba.conf (that is a disgusting idea but these hosts are for testing):
host    all             all                  trust
I  can connect to any of them with psql and issue select queries.

On loadtest01g I have installed pgpool-II-3.2 and taken the sample config with some modifications (backend addresses, debug_level and timeouts). Config - http://simply.name/tmp/pgpool.conf and log - http://simply.name/tmp/pgpool.log.

I get the following problem: 
pgpool does not failover to backend1 (loadtest02g) if backend0 (loadtest01g) fails down. According to log it catches the primary failure but doesn't send queries to one of the replicas.

The question is what do I do wrong?


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