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Khapare Joshi khapare77 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 18:51:08 JST 2012

Hello all,

I been playing with pgpool and testing before we put in our production
environment. At the moment I pgpool in one server and two postgres backend
server. This looks working. Now I would like o use pgpool-ha if pgpool1
server goes down. I do not find any documents on how to configure this. It
would be really good if somebody share their experiences.

1. If I am going to configure two pgpool server (for ha) then both server
must be installed pgpool-II and required libraries and as well as pgpool-ha
2. How do I configure pgpool-ha for that purpose ?
3. Is there a gui for this similar to pgpool-admin ?

My ideal setup

2 pgpool server for HA
2 postgres backend server

a) if any of the postgres server goes down or error get an alert
b) if I want to add 3rd postgres server, how do I add without restarting
pgpool and without taking down the services. And will the number 3rd
postgres server would get replicated all the data from the two server ? how
does it work ?
c) similarly, let say one of the postgres server goes down or not
responsive how would I know that number one server is not responsive or
down ?
d) Let say, postgres server 1 went down, its okay now I server 2 is serving
the application, now I fixed the server 1 and i want to put back online,
does this server get updated automatically ( i Meant the data).

Basically, I would like to have d) to be synchronized with the data
automatically without restarting pgpool or ec.

Sorry for too many question but I would love to hear opinion on this.

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