[pgpool-general: 998] watchdog

Wolf Schwurack wolf at uen.org
Thu Sep 13 23:58:15 JST 2012

I have setup watchdog on our pgpool servers, I'm getting this error is the log file after starting, repeats every few minutes. I have checked all of the postgres logs, all postgres db's are up

2012-09-12 11:18:40 ERROR: pid 9571: pool_read_kind: kind does not match between master(52) slot[1] (45)
2012-09-12 11:18:40 LOG:   pid 9571: pool_read_kind: error message from 1 th backend:the database system is starting up

Servers =Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS
Postgres= 9.1.4 - primary with streaming replicate
Pgpool II=3.2.0

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