[pgpool-general: 967] Enabling -D switch of pgpool by default

Gurjeet Singh singh.gurjeet at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 22:55:21 JST 2012

Hi All,

    I am considering adding the -D switch by default to the pgpool's initi
script, so that pgpool ignores the last known state of a replica when
pgpool was shutdown. I have seen situations where a replica goes down, and
pgpool sets its state to 3 (CON_DOWN), and even if replica is brought back
online, and pgpool restarted (without -D switch), pgpool does not recognize
the replica as usable.

    Adding -D switch to pgpool startup script solves the problem for me. SO
I am wondering if it is a bad idea in some cases to use -D switch by

Best regards,
Gurjeet Singh

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