[pgpool-general: 1083] pgpool Performance Issue

Khapare Joshi khapare77 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 01:58:47 JST 2012

Hello all,

I have performed few testing with regard to pgpool performance. I prepared
2000 select queries and testing with pgpool and without pgpool (directly to
the back-ends) here are my results:

With pgpool :
update for 2000 records: 117.51099514961
select for 2000 records: 54.172727108002

Only with back-ends:
backend1  2000 select query : 37.552827119827
backend2  2000 select query : 37.373059034348

Stand-alone postgres server
update query for 2000 records: 69.193402051926
select query for 2000 records : 39.663148880005

Clearly, pgpool is slower than backends and stand alone server. I do not
know how this will result in our production if I decided to use pgpool.

How do I optimize the pgpool ? what are the practices or the
recommendations ?

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