[pgpool-general: 1078] Performance Several Databases

Erik Czumadewski erik at desis.cl
Sat Oct 6 00:55:27 JST 2012

Hello readers,

We have problems with scalation of our databases, we have one postgresql server (Dell PowerEdge R815, 32 CPU, 128 G of ram) with 2000 diferent databases, and we need one method to "distribute" the charge of the postgresql in various servers, we are intrested in pgpool, but we don't have one "big" database to distribute, we have several small-medium databases 2000 +-  so we need to know experiences, or some idea if pgpool can help us to distribute our postgresql server in various servers and improve the performance and have a backup of the data.

Thanks for all your answers.

Erik Czumadewski
Departamento NOC

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