[pgpool-general: 1061] pgpool-II require a lot of memory ?

Tomonari Katsumata t.katsumata1122 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 21:21:54 JST 2012

I'm checking pgpool-II load-balance mode with Streaming Replication.
and I found strange behavior.
when I specified non-existing user on sr_check_user and health_check_user,
pgpool-II seems to use a lot of memory.
(pgpool-II 3.1.3 and pgpool-II 3.2.0 are same behavior)

I put logging code in pool_stream.c(line 237) for investigating
the reason.
237: pool_log("%d = %d + %d", req_size, cp->len, len);

then I got embeded log message and error message bellow.
2012-10-02 21:06:25 LOG:   pid 31370: 1178686607 = 82 + 1178686525
2012-10-02 21:06:25 ERROR: pid 31370: pool_read2: failed to realloc

the argument len for pool_read2 is very large and it results in
this problem.

pgpool could not reallocate any memory, because my machine is
virtual machine(RHEL5 i386 on VMWareServer) and assined memory is 256MB.
but when I run pgpool on a machine having a lot of memory, I think
it wolud happen.

is this intended thing ?


Tomonari Katsumata
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