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Sun Nov 18 18:09:07 JST 2012

not my call to make.

Wouldn't it better to figure out why your slaves are getting too far
behind, and fixing that problem?  Or fix your code to be more
resilient to inconsistent data?

On Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 3:56 PM, Jeff Lawson <jeff at> wrote:
> We're running streaming replication on PostgreSQL 9.2 and we occasionally
> hit the well-known "canceling statement due to conflict with recovery" error
> whenever a slave gets too far behind.  Since this error is seemingly
> triggered on unrelated queries that happen to still be running at the same
> time as the offending long-running query, it's difficult to make all parts
> of our code resilient to this problem.
> I'd like to suggest that pgpool add optional retry logic that could be
> configured to automatically repeat a query up to a specified number of times
> if the database triggers that specific error message.  Opinions?
> Jeff
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