[pgpool-general: 1202] Pgpool installation on debian

Gert Rummens gert.rummens at student.khleuven.be
Fri Nov 30 20:41:58 JST 2012


I'm first going to introduce myself a little bit. I'm a student adapted
informatics and I'm currently working on my thesis. One requirement of my
thesis is a highly available postgresql database. I choose to use PGpool as
it is useful for recovering a failed node and making the hot standby the
master on a master failure.

Current situation:

I followed this tutorial:

All my servers are running Debian squeeze. I have two nodes with a
postgresql-9.1 installed using apt-get. I installed it with the repository
squeeze-backports. On the loadbalancer I also installed pgpool2 (3.1.3)
with the squeeze backports repository. On this loadbalancer I installed

PgpoolAdmin can see the nodes. So it tells me if the node is
up/down/disconnected. On the 'Node Status' tab I click 'details' and can
see all the details of the node so this connection is ok I think.

The tutorial continues with the master server already running and the
standby server with postgresql stopped.
Then I have to click "Recovery"  to bring the standby server automatically

However when I click "Recovery" I get the this error: Error Code: e1012 Error
Message: pcp_recovery_node command error occurred.

Can someone help me get this working? Maybe it helps when someone explains
what scripts and commando's are being triggered and which connections are
set up when I hit the recovery button because I think there's something

Thanks in advance.
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