[pgpool-general: 522] Re: Guide on setup pgpool for automatic failover

Freddy Liaw freddyliaw at softmy.net
Mon May 28 09:54:28 JST 2012

I have follow exactly with this guide

When i start the pgpool by using pgpoolAdmin, i get this:
error code:e1002 which is pcp_node_count command error occurred.
error code:e1004 which is pcp_proc_count command error occurred.
error code:e1006 which is pcp_stop_pgpool command error occurred.

What to do with this problem?

Thank you

On 5/25/12, Wolf Schwurack <wolf at uen.org> wrote:
> Have you look at recovery.conf, you can use that for automatic fail-over
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>                 wolf at uen.org
> On 5/25/12 2:50 AM, "Freddy Liaw" <freddyliaw at softmy.net> wrote:
>>I have 2 ubuntu server with postgresql installed (hot standby +
>>streaming replication)
>>Work fine with streaming replication.
>>the problem is only i need automatic fail-over.
>>Any help will greatly appreciated.
>>Best Regards,
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Best Regards,

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