[pgpool-general: 519] Hibernate and pgpool-II

Ludger Overbeck ludger.overbeck at googlemail.com
Mon May 28 02:28:09 JST 2012


I would like to know if anybody has ever used pgpool-II (in Replication
Mode or Master/Slave Mode) with Hibernate? Does this cause any problems?

As far as I know in Hibernate SQL-statements (which are sent to the
database) are always issued in an explicit transaction. And as the FAQ for
pgpool says, that would mean that there is no load balancing in replication
mode. Is that correct?

Instead I am thinking about using the Master/Slave mode with synchronous
streaming replication to avoid that selects deliver stale data (as with
asynchronous replication). Would this work?

Thanks for your replies.
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