[pgpool-general: 499] invalid entry in file "/etc/pgpool-II-91/pool_hba.conf" at line 74, token "ldap"

David Kerr dmk at mr-paradox.net
Fri May 25 02:45:54 JST 2012


I've got mixed mode authentication in my PG instances and I'm trying to use pgpool as a front end for load balancing and failover.

some users get md5 and some users are authenticated against ldap.

to enable the md5 users i needed to turn pool_hba on and added those users to my pool_hba.conf.

however I now get the error in the subject for the ldap users (who are also in the pool_hba.conf).

Is this telling me that If i'm using the pool_hba.conf then i can't use ldap?

(the line is formatted correctly as far as i can tell, I pulled it from my working postgres pg_hba.conf)


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