[pgpool-general: 470] Re: PgPool rejects connections

Jayaraj jraj90 at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 19:14:09 JST 2012

Ok cool, no worries...

let me have a go at version 3.1.3



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Maybe there is another issue which is accidently gone
with PGPool 3.1.3. It was just an assumption that our problem had
    something todo 
with that syslog issue. However our problem was gone with


Am 18.05.2012 10:02, schrieb Jayaraj: 
I have already set that to sterr in the conf file
>However, I am using PGPool 3.1.2
>could this be a problem?
>- jaya -
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>Subject: Re: [pgpool-general: 461] Re: PgPool rejects connections
>Well, this sounds familiar to me. Which version of pgpool-II
            are you using?
>We got those CLOSE_WAIT's too during stress tests on our php
>They are gone since the last version 3.1.3. I assume it got
            something to 
>do with a syslog issue.
>May you try log_destination = 'stderr' in your pgpool.conf
            just to 
>clarify if this is the case.
>Am 16.05.2012 09:54, schrieb Tatsuo Ishii:
>> [Cced: to pgpool-general mailing list]
>> I'm not familiar with EC2. Anyone on this list can help
>> --
>> Tatsuo Ishii
>> SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
>> English: http://www.sraoss.co.jp/index_en.php
>> Japanese: http://www.sraoss.co.jp
>>> Hi,
>>>      I have been using PgPool-II for my postgres
            DBs on the Amazon EC2 instances. However, I have been
            experiencing some issues. After a certain period of time, it
            no longer allows new connections from clients / application
            to the PgPool. It seems to get stuck in a TCP CLOSE_WAIT
            session. This basically accumulates to alot more which then
            disallows any further connections to the PgPool.
>>> So at one point I had to temporarily set all
            connections directly to Postgres. The issue is resolved by
            restarting PgPool. Then after a certain period of time, it
            happens again, then another restart of Pgpool is required.
>>> Can someone advise me how can I solve this?
>>> Thanks
>>> Regards,
>>> - Jaya -
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