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Jayaraj jraj90 at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 19:59:34 JST 2012

Do u think it could be because I am using EC2?

Is it possible I could have missed out some configuration in the PgPool config file which should close the connection?

- Jaya -

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I'm not familiar with EC2. Anyone on this list can help him?
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> Hi,
>     I have been using PgPool-II for my postgres DBs on the Amazon EC2 instances. However, I have been experiencing some issues. After a certain period of time, it no longer allows new connections from clients / application to the PgPool. It seems to get stuck in a TCP CLOSE_WAIT session. This basically accumulates to alot more which then disallows any further connections to the PgPool.
> So at one point I had to temporarily set all connections directly to Postgres. The issue is resolved by restarting PgPool. Then after a certain period of time, it happens again, then another restart of Pgpool is required.
> Can someone advise me how can I solve this?
> Thanks
> Regards,
> - Jaya -  
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