[pgpool-general: 795] Re: Problem with pgpool when using SSL, for client/pgpool communication

Jeff Frost jeff at pgexperts.com
Tue Jul 24 03:27:28 JST 2012

1) the only live backend is 1.


>> 2) using extended protocol.

	Yes, it's rails.

>> 3) transaction state is 'T' (idle in transaction).
	Yes, pgpool thinks it's idle in transaction.  When I do a ps on the db backend, it says it's "BIND".

>> It seems pgpool is wating for someting to come from frontend because
>> there's no pending data in frontend buffer nor backend buffer. Pgpool
>> just processed BIND message from frontend and pgpool waits for
>> DESCRIBE or EXECUTE message to come from rontend.

	Well, it may be waiting, but it probably isn't doing it properly somehow, because when we point the same app directly at the backend db, it works fine, and when we turn off ssl, it works fine as well.

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