[pgpool-general: 181] Fwd: portal doesnt exists and pdo prepared statments exeptions on pgpool version 3.1

Mateusz Ratajski mateusz.ratajski at exp.net.pl
Thu Jan 19 07:58:22 JST 2012


We have problem with repeating errors on postgresql selects. Our
currently setup contains two postgresql9.1 with streaming
repplication. Pgpool is running on the same host as master.

We dont use connection pooling beacuse there is about 80 concurent
connections to pgpool to different databases (about 25 with identical
schemas but different data) and after checking different options
(child_life_time, connection_life_time, etc)  we gave up using pooling

Only one option from pgpool we use to improve database speed is load
balancing. We have php appliction with propel ORM which uses PHP Pdo
for postgresql connection.

As i checked application log i have there two kind of errors appering on
different modules.

1. SQLSTATE[26000]: Invalid sql statement name: 7 ERROR: prepared
statement "pdo_stmt_00000007" does not exist

2. wrapped: SQLSTATE[34000]: Invalid cursor name: 7 ERROR: portal ""
does not exist

(as i found over internet it was known bug, fixed in 3.1 version,
but im 100% sure about version I use from pgrpm).

As we were running large migration procedure for one database i
observe that under heavy load the error count increase, so its
probably related with streaming replication and slave delay
(delay_threshold is set to 1024).

Does anyone else has having similar problems or has a solution (with
pooling maybe)

I dont want to resignate from pgpool load balancing ability for
selects but when i have about 100 errors per hour im getting to the
point when only ability of pgpool will be running failover scripts
after database fail.

Mateusz Ratajski // http://exp.pl

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