[pgpool-general: 169] Re: Fwd: Pgpool 3.1.1: possible memory leak

Denis Gasparin denis.gasparin at edistar.com
Mon Jan 16 22:04:16 JST 2012

Il giorno 16/gen/2012, alle ore 13:03, Tatsuo Ishii <ishii at postgresql.org> ha scritto:

>> The socket directories are different:
>> # Unix domain socket path.  (The Debian package defaults to
>> # /var/run/postgresql.)
>> socket_dir = '/var/run/'
>> # Unix domain socket path for pgpool communication manager.
>> # (Debian package defaults to /var/run/postgresql)
>> pcp_socket_dir = '/var/run/pgpool/pcp/'
>> I tried setting two different ports (127001 and 127002) but the memory leak still remains.
> Oh, ok. How many times did you do insertion before you see memory
> leak? I tried with 384 insertions in my environment and see no leak.

I see the leak after few iterations (10).
We connect pgpool to an 8.2 postgres and we compiled pgpool in a suse 11sp1.

Could i give you any other info in order to debug the leak?

Thank you,

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