[pgpool-general: 151] VM nodes marked down after snapshot

Guillaume DOUTE g.doute at linkbynet.com
Fri Jan 13 19:25:09 JST 2012


I'm using pgpool-II 3.0.4 in an environnement with two postgresql nodes in streaming replication, one of them is a physical machine, the other is a virtual one. I'm experiencing some odd behaviour with the virtual nodes. Every once in a while, when a snapshot is made or when it's deleted, pgpool mark it as "down".

I tried to tweak abit the health checks parameters but it didn't help. Even after deactivating health check, the node can get marked as down by pgpool.
The annoying part is that it is not always systematic. Sometimes, the snapshot works fine with no consequences. But I must say that it's rarely the case.

I've looked around googling anything known with pgpool and vmware but couldn't find anything interesting. Am I the only one experiencing this ?

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