[pgpool-general: 145] Re: Relation does not exist

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Thu Jan 12 14:18:21 JST 2012

I had hard time to understand your problem because it is not unlikely
happen in usual situation. Please, post more details of your problem
so that I could track it down.  I need: pgpool version, pgpool.conf,
and exact commands you typed in(please indicate on which host you typed).
Tatsuo Ishii
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> Hi List,
> Apologies in advance if this is a really simple question but I'm quite
> confused.
> I have pgpool set up on ServerA, with ServerB as my primary postgresql
> server and ServerC as the secondary postgresql server. These are all
> running Ubuntu 10.04 and Postgresql 9.0. PgPool is the latest version.
> Replication between ServerB and ServerC works fine and recovery of my
> secondary server works fine too.
> When connected directly to ServerA, I can create tables in ServerA and see
> them visible in ServerB and ServerC. However, when I connect remotely to
> ServerA from a client machine, as the same user, and create a table in
> ServerA, this is only visible from that client machine, and is not visible
> in ServerB or ServerC. The postgresql log files tell me that the table does
> not exist, and on a restart of the server, it is no longer visible.
> I am not using pool_hba.conf for authentication.
> I am trying to understand the way that PgPool passes data back to the
> primary server, and I assume that I have a simple permissions problem,
> which is not creating an obvious error. I've asked about this  before and
> not got a response, but I would very much like to understand the
> permissions processes that are going on, so that I can resolve this. Can
> someone help?
> Thanks
> Jo
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