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Jo Cook jocook at astuntechnology.com
Thu Jan 12 02:40:14 JST 2012

Hi List,

Apologies in advance if this is a really simple question but I'm quite

I have pgpool set up on ServerA, with ServerB as my primary postgresql
server and ServerC as the secondary postgresql server. These are all
running Ubuntu 10.04 and Postgresql 9.0. PgPool is the latest version.
Replication between ServerB and ServerC works fine and recovery of my
secondary server works fine too.

When connected directly to ServerA, I can create tables in ServerA and see
them visible in ServerB and ServerC. However, when I connect remotely to
ServerA from a client machine, as the same user, and create a table in
ServerA, this is only visible from that client machine, and is not visible
in ServerB or ServerC. The postgresql log files tell me that the table does
not exist, and on a restart of the server, it is no longer visible.

I am not using pool_hba.conf for authentication.

I am trying to understand the way that PgPool passes data back to the
primary server, and I assume that I have a simple permissions problem,
which is not creating an obvious error. I've asked about this  before and
not got a response, but I would very much like to understand the
permissions processes that are going on, so that I can resolve this. Can
someone help?



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