[pgpool-general: 248] Hi, Friends, what's the real meanings of "Replication mode"?

sunpeng bluevaley at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 08:45:43 JST 2012

Hi, Friends,
  I've two questions:
  1. What's the real meanings of  "Replication mode"? I noticed there is no
much more explaination at pgpool-II manual (English)
<http://www.pgpool.net/pgpool-web/pgpool-II/doc/pgpool-en.html>, what's the
difference between "Replication mode" and "Master-slave mode"? Should I
understand "Replication mode" as "pgpool-ii sends DML sentences just like
Inserts to two backends postgresql?"
  2. I know I could configure Postgresql9.1 warm-standby using file-based
log shiping, stream replication or Synchronous Replication. From this
tutorial For pgpool-II 3.1 and PostgreSQL
I know how to configure pgpool supporting stream replication between master
and warm-standby. My question is it seems pgpool-ii doesn't support
file-based log shiping method between master and warm-standby, is that
right? Because I could not select Master-slave mode for it only support
slony or stream. And I also don't know whether should I use replication
mode in pgpool.conf.
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