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Sandeep Thakkar sandeeptt at yahoo.com
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right, that makes sense. Thanks!

BTW, how do we know that the query result is returned from the cache or not?

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> I mean, let's say I define the value of relcache_expire as "600" seconds. and the TABLE in cache is ALTERED before that. That means my query will produce the wrong result because the relation cache is not yet updated/expired, right?


On what basis one would define the value of relcache_expire in pgpool.conf?

I don't think changing table structure so frequently is a real life
usecase. Rather I think it happens during application development:
table structures are not stable.

If your customer really wants to change table structure every 5
minutes, probably there's something wrong with user's work flow
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> Subject: [pgpool-general: 220] More information on relcache_expire
> - Add relcache_expire directive to control the expiration of the internal system catalog cache. ALTER TABLE might make these cache values obsoleted and the new directive will make the risk lower(Tatsuo)
>  I would like to know how to make use of this directive? A test case will help.
> Thanks.
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