[pgpool-general: 219] Hint pgpool-ii to return connection from slave

Tính Trương Xuân tinh.truong at evolus.vn
Mon Feb 13 12:56:17 JST 2012


We have a Java web application connect to a PostgreSQL 9.1.2. This
application is a kind of OLAP application. At a specific time in a day,
this application will import a bulk of data from CVS files through the Java
application into the PostgreSQL. During the import process, the database is
overwhelming and become too slow to handle other simple queries.
We intend to add another PostgreSQL instance to form a cluster using
asynchronous Stream Replication and use pgpool-II on top of that to
implement a HA solution.
As you can see, during the import process, when the Java application
acquire a connection from pgpool-II, we want to pgpool-II to return the a
connection to a slave instance (because we are sure that the operations are
read-only). Is it possible for us to achieve that with pgpool-II.

Any hints would be appreciated.

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