[pgpool-general: 1270] Re: database detach and I don't understand why

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Mon Dec 31 11:23:20 JST 2012

> Hello,
> We have been using pgpool2 for sometime now and been happy with it,
> but lately it suddenly start to detach the database on one of the
> nodes on 2 node cluster. I have been investigated this for a while and
> I can't understand why pgpool2 thinks is should detach.
> We are using pgpool version 3.0.4-1 with postgresql version
> 8.4.8-0squeeze2 our application server is JBossAS 5 including (jboss
> messaging 1.4.8-SP2). The application server only communicate through
> pgpool so we are sure that no other processes are working around
> pgpool
> We are pretty sure the databases are not different from the beginning
> and it's new records that are created. We post 3 messages on 2
> different jms queues and 3 clients that consumes the messages. When
> jboss messaging component want to remove the messages because it
> delivered to all the clients, pgpool detach the database because it
> get a different response from node 1 when it want to delete the
> message.... which I don't understand how that's possible
> I really will appreciate some help to understand what is going on and
> why it detach the database
> Thanks!
> br,
> Flemming
> the log_line_prefix = '%t %p %v %x' for the postgresql
> You can find the log files by following the links below for pgpool2
> debug log and postgresql log from both servers
> jboss-detach-190.sql(postgresql log) >
> http://ubuntuone.com/6Ku56EoHI7FAXAyC1p1prQ
> jboss-detach-191.sql(postgresql log) >
> http://ubuntuone.com/0ICbQCiowqDgKe7LglMxSV
> pgpool.conf > http://ubuntuone.com/3BhoRnr3ACifYhi2QqSbat
> pgppool-191-log  > http://ubuntuone.com/1g8ExrevBeRUj92XS5WjyZ7

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