[pgpool-general: 1269] Re: Connections stuck in CLOSE_WAIT

Tatsuo Ishii ishii at postgresql.org
Mon Dec 31 09:39:20 JST 2012

> Hi,
> I have recently updated pgpool from 3.2.1 to the latest HEAD in the
> 3_2_STABLE branch (mainly for
> 22e045e2f362bb007a72ef1651ed2da897e3aa86) . Since then, I notice that
> sometimes connections to pgpool are stuck in a half-closed state which
> also causes pgpool to keep the connections to the backend postgres
> boxes open.
> The connections from the application to pgpool are stuck in CLOSE_WAIT state.
> Any idea what may be causing this, and more importantly, how to stop it?

That means pgpool does not close the socket connected to by your
applications. Is it possible to attach debugger to such that pgpool
process to see what pgpool is doing?
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> The problem with this is that the pgpool process keeps the connection
> open and doesn't accept new connections which will cause it to use up
> all slots quite quickly at which point it can't be connected to any
> more.
> I can forcibly close the connection on the postgres end
> (pg_terminate_backend()), but I've had instances where pgpool thought
> this was an abnormal termination and subsequently marked the node as
> failed.
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